Interpreting the Truth

countryman_truthFrom a perspective of exegesis, Countryman’s book Interpreting the Truth argues against using the myriad of specialized ways of interpreting scripture, urging instead a creative interplay between the interpreter, the text, and the community for whom the text is being interpreted. In this he is arguing for the community of exegetists being less academically focused and more in tune with the community of faith beyond academia.

A worthwhile hint to remember: sometimes it is better for overall insight to look at the end of a passage first. Also, Countryman interprets the books of Jude, James, and Romans as examples of his methodology.

Excerpt: To come to terms with a hitherto unseen reality beneath the prevailing social constructs is to discover truth. Truth is less the opposite of heresy or error, than of a lie. Consequently, it is not a possession, but a surprising discovery.

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